Candle Wax

There’s a lot to learn about wax, like knowing the best wax to use for your candle, adding the right amount of fragrance, and working with additives.

To help you along, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of articles about candle wax.

You’ll discover how to choose a suitable candle wax for different types of candles, how much fragrance oil to use without problems, and how to work with popular additives to improve your candle’s quality.

In addition, you’ll learn tips for troubleshooting common problems when working with candle wax.

Our goal is to make your candle-making life easier so you can focus on having fun and making beautiful candles.

Best Wax for Candles

Find out which candle wax will be the best choice for the candles you want to make.

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How to Melt Candle Wax (Avoid These Mistakes)

Learn the simple ways to melt your candle wax, what we recommend, and what to avoid.

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Why Is My Candle Wax Turning Yellow (How to Prevent)

Find out why your candle wax is turning yellow and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your candles…

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Why Do Candles Have Memory?

It’s essential to know why candles have a memory to get the best performance out of your candles. Find out why candles have memory and what to do about it…

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How to Use Vybar In Candle Making

What is vybar and how do you use it in candles? In this article, we’ll cover how to use vybar in candle making, which vybar to use, and what to avoid when using vybar.

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How Much Fragrance Oil for Candles (Simple Methods)

Want to know how much fragrance oil to use for candles? Click here to learn simple methods for one candle, large batches, and any number in between.

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How to Treat Candle Wax Burns (What to Avoid)

Learn how to treat candle wax burns and alleviate pain quickly. Also, learn what to avoid to prevent further damage to your burn.

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Adding Salt to Candles (Does it Work?)

Does adding salt to candles work? Discover what adding salt to your candles will do and learn what to avoid when adding salt to prevent accidents.

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How to Fix Candle Tunneling (Simple Steps)

Learn how to fix candle tunneling. Stop wasting wax and shortening burn time, and learn how to fix and prevent tunneling.

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Is Candle Wax Toxic If Eaten? (What to Know)

Have you eaten candle wax and wondered if it’s toxic? Learn if candle wax is toxic when eaten and what happens if you ingest it.

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What Are Beeswax Candles? (Why You’ll Love Them)

Learn what beeswax candles are, what makes them so popular, and what to know when using beeswax in your candles.

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How to Remove Candle Wax From Jar (Simple Methods)

Learn how to remove candle wax from jars. You’ll discover simple methods to remove wax and bring new life to your candle jars.

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How Much Candle Wax Do I Need? (Simple Formula)

Discover the simple formula to calculate how much wax you need and what measurement to avoid with candle making.

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What Type of Candle Wax Burns Longest? (How to Last Longer)

What type of candle wax burns the longest? What you can do to help candles last longer? Find the answer to both these questions here.

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