Candle Wicks

The wick’s role in a candle cannot be understated. Get it wrong, and your candle won’t burn correctly.

So as a candle maker, understanding the importance of wicks and how to choose the right one for your candle will significantly impact your candle’s performance and safety.

Below you’ll find a list of articles to learn how to choose the correct wick, fix common problems with wicks, how to properly maintain a wick, and more to ensure you get the most out of your candles.

How to Choose the Right Candle Wick

The quality of your candle depends on getting the wick right. Find out how to make sure you get the right wick for your candle.

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Do You Need To Trim Candle Wicks?

A simple trimming of the candle wick is often overlooked. Find out why for very little effort you can greatly impact the quality of your candle…

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Why Do Candle Flames Flicker? (How to Fix)

There can be many reasons why your candle is flickering. Find out when you should start paying more attention and how you can fix it…

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Why Do Candles Have Multiple Wicks?

Multiple wicks aren’t just for decoration. Find out why you should use multiple wicks and when you shouldn’t…

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Waxed Vs. Unwaxed Candle Wicks

What’s the difference between these wicks? Learn the benefits of each type of wick and why you’ll most likely be using one over the other…

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What Causes Candle Wicks to Mushroom (How to Fix)

Candle wicks can mushroom for a variety of reasons. Find out what causes wicks to mushroom and how to fix them so you can enjoy your candles…

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Why Do Candle Wicks Curl (The Good & The Bad)

Are you wondering why candle wicks curl? Discover why wicks curl, the benefits of curling, and what to look out for to prevent any issues.

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