Is Candle Wax Toxic If Eaten? (What to Know)

I’m going to assume you’re not preparing a meal of candles, but sometimes accidents happen, especially with kids or pets around the house.

So, is candle wax toxic? How worried should you be if you or someone you know has eaten candle wax?

Below, you’ll learn if candle wax is toxic and what happens when you ingest it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for information only. If you or someone you know has an exposure, contact a local medical professional or poison control center.

Is Candle Wax Edible or Toxic When Eaten?

The candle wax by itself is considered to be non-toxic.

However, let’s break down what could potentially be in a candle.

You have the wax, the fragrance, the candle dye, and any additives.

There’s potential for chemicals and artificial ingredients to be included in the fragrance, candle dye, and any additional additives to treat the wax.

These ingredients are safe when used as intended, but none are meant for human consumption and can be toxic if eaten in large quantities.

Fragrances and dyes may also trigger an allergic reaction, so be mindful if the person is allergic to any ingredients.

Is Candle Wax Toxic to Pets?

Candle wax is not poisonous to pets.

Small amounts of wax eaten by a dog or cat will likely soften and pass through.

The fragrance, wick, and candle dyes in candles pose more risks and can be toxic for pets like dogs and cats.

You may see symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting if your dog or cat eats a lot of wax.

Make sure your pet has not eaten the wick. If the wick has been consumed, this could lead to severe problems in the intestinal tract.

Large pieces of wax can also result in intestinal blockage.

If you’ve found that your pet has eaten a candle, contact your local veterinarian immediately.

What Happens If You Eat Candle Wax?

Although candle wax is not toxic, large amounts can result in adverse symptoms.

What happens after ingestion largely depends on the type of candle wax and the amount eaten.

Plant-based waxes like 100% soy will likely be much easier for your body to handle than a wax like paraffin.

Also, if you’ve only ingested a small amount, you’ll likely pass it through with no problems.

However, if large amounts are consumed, you may experience symptoms like an upset stomach, vomiting, fever, obstruction of the airway, obstruction of intestines, and allergic reactions.

Can Candle Wax Kill You If You Eat It?

If you’ve eaten a small amount of wax, it will not kill you, but…

Candle wax can obstruct airways making it very difficult to breathe and putting you in a dangerous situation.

Larger pieces of wax may even obstruct the intestines.

Both are serious problems and, in extreme circumstances, could lead to death.

Is It Okay to Eat Birthday Candle Wax?

Unless you have purchased a specialty birthday candle that is edible, birthday candles will be no different than regular candles.

If you’ve consumed a large amount, play it safe and seek professional medical attention.

I ate a Candle. Now What?

If you experience any adverse symptoms, call a medical professional immediately.

Take a sample of the candle that was ingested to provide to the doctor.

Provide the doctor with as much information as possible, including the known ingredients of the candle, the amount ingested, and the symptoms you’re experiencing.

When in doubt, contact a medical professional. Early intervention can make a huge difference in achieving a full recovery.